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Nine-year-old twins Mirabel and Sofia share an extraordinary bond. Born at just 32-weeks, they are even more exceptional than most identical twins because they shared a placenta and an amniotic sac, without a separating membrane.

But that wasn’t the only complicating factor in their early lives.

Mirabel was born with a congenital heart defect that’s required three heart catheterizations and three open-heart surgeries at Children's National Medical Center. Surgeries and other events have warranted long hospital stays for Mirabel and it’s been a challenge for the twins to be apart: the two girls have a strong sense of peace and comfort when they are together.

Sofia is truly Mirabel’s biggest cheerleader. Following Mirabel’s most recent open-heart surgery, Sofia spent many hours by her hospital bedside doing crafts and watching movies with her. Sofia was happier being at the hospital with her sister than anywhere else.

“Throughout all of this, Starlight has provided wonderful opportunities for us to introduce our girls to things they might not see otherwise, like tickets to see their favorite Washington Nationals baseball team play,” says their mother Meredith. “It’s hard to buy tickets for events when you don’t know if your kids will be healthy enough to get out and you aren’t sure how much medical bills will run.”

Twins Mirabel and Sofia are special. Even though they don't look like twins (because of Mirabel's health journey), they still like to dress alike and they say they will continue to do so forever. At age nine, they often complete each other’s thoughts and sentences and will always have a unique connection.

Mirabel’s health may bring unexpected challenges, but Sofia and Mirabel are constantly scheming about their future which currently includes a pink mansion filled with many animals and fancy chandeliers. There’s no doubt their lives will be filled with much joy and laughter.