Hospital Happenings®


Hospitalization is not generally associated with fun and good times for anyone, but it's especially tough on children and teens. Though doctors, nurses, family, and friends make long stays more bearable, pediatric patients endure a great deal of time feeling lonely, bored, and scared. That's where Starlight comes in!

Hospital Happenings are fun-filled parties and therapeutic workshops on-site at the hospital. These interactive events include laughter-packed visits from musicians, clowns, and entertainers, plus other special activities such as movie nights, game tournaments, and crafting extravaganzas. All pediatric patients are welcome, as are their parents and siblings. And if a child must stay in bed, we can often bring the party to their room!

Hospital personnel recognize Hospital Happenings as highly effective morale boosters that enhance much-needed social interaction. These diverse events promote creative self expression, a sense of humor, and cheerful attitudes. For children, the ability to share a laugh with family, friends, and caregivers can be the very best medicine.

Hospital Happenings are heart-warming experiences for both participants as well as planners. Enthusiastic volunteers, combined with the generosity of individuals and corporations, make it all possible. Frequently, businesses and organizations sponsor events, and their employees volunteer to participate.

To learn how you or your business can get involved, please email us.

*Only available in select cities