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Starlight-sponsored murals in outpatient clinic at NY Hospital Queens.

Working in concert with hospital staff, Starlight created a unique hospital program that provides psychosocial support for our partner hospitals. The primary objective is to restore a feeling of safety, confidence, and trust to patients and their families during a time of tremendous distress.

   One of two wheelchair-adaptive vans sponsored by Starlight.





Access to art, music, and dance therapies are among the many ways in which Starlight provides support in hospitals for pediatric patients and their families. Fun, creative outlets like karate, horticulture, adapted yoga for severely disabled children, and video art enhance emotional and physical health simultaneously. Children with chronic physical health struggles often suffer from depression and low self-esteem. The opportunity to enjoy these skill-building hobbies and activities raises confidence and promotes optimism. These programs have a significant and positive impact on the hospitalized child and the entire family.

If you would like more information please contact Michele Hall-Duncan at 212.354.2878