Our Work

Starlight Children's Foundation partners with experts to improve the quality of life and health for kids and families around the world.

We fund critical needs expressed by more than 600 community partners including hospitals, specialty clinics and camps, respite houses and hospices in the United States and Puerto Rico that collectively support more than 27 million visits every year. Starlight supports kids and families in 11 countries and territories in a growing global network.

We empower donors to strengthen communities by supporting the physical and emotional health and development of children and their families.



Hospitals, clinics, specialty camps and other eligible nonprofit facilities are able to publish their needs on Starlight.org so donors can simply point, click and support their facilities of choice. Projects in need of funding are as diverse as the communities they support.

Individual donors can search by geographic location or facility name, making it easy to support a Starlight partner facility. All donations are timely, transparent and tangible, and donors receive a tax receipt for their entire contribution. Starlight also distributes large-scale product donations, helping facilities meet their evolving needs and maximizing limited budgets.


“Our new treatment room is a 'win-win' for pediatric patients, their parents and their medical and surgical care team. Simple procedures can now be performed in a safe, controlled, child-friendly environment with supportive, loving family members present.”
- Dr. Jennifer Mayer, Board Certified pediatrician and specialist in pediatric hematology and oncology, Sarasota Memorial Hospital


If you represent a corporation interested in making a large scale product donation to Starlight partner facilities, please contact Allyson Schwartz.

If you represent a non-profit or public hospital, camp, respite house or other pediatric healthcare facility or charitable foundation and would like to register, click here. If you need additional information, please contact Samantha Martinez.