What is the Starbright World community?


What is Starbright World?

Launched in 1995 by Starlight’s Chairman Emeritus Steven Spielberg, the Starbright World online community is a free, fun and supportive environment tailored to the needs of teens and young adults ages 13-20 affected by chronic or critical medical conditions, their own or a sibling’s. More than just another social network, the Starbright World community empowers teens to express themselves while connecting globally with others experiencing similar medical journeys. Powered by Starlight Children’s Foundation, all content in the Starbright World community is moderated by trained adults at all times.

What kind of health conditions qualify?

Medical conditions that require frequent hospital stays, ongoing procedures, or long-term treatments qualify for membership in the Starbright World community.. Examples include: cancer, colitis, cystic fibrosis, mitochondrial disease, kidney disease, autoimmune disorders, cerebral palsy, and burn injuries. 

If you have a question about whether you, your teen or young adult qualifies for membership in the Starbright World community, email us at sbw@starlight.org.

Why join Starbright World community?

Being a teen is universally overwhelming without the added stress of serious illness. Experiencing frequent hospitalizations and procedures can cause feelings of exclusion from "normal" teen social activities and school events.

Not all aspects of healing are solely medical. This tight-knit community of teens facing chronic illness provides exceptional online peer support. Through the Starbright World community, teens and young adults can express themselves, develop communication skills, find encouragement, talk about their fears, process their feelings, and connect with others who are going through similar experiences.

Most important, it is a safe, moderated environment for making friends, hanging out, and having fun.

Starbright World community fact sheets for Parents and Teens/Young Adults.

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