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Starlight Sites are beautifully designed, inviting hospital environments created to support the healing of pediatric patients during their hospital stay. 

    Starlight Site  - Mt. Sinai

Since 1990, Starlight has been transforming designated areas of sterile hospital environments into colorful, entertaining oases that can be enjoyed by young patients and their families. These playrooms, teen lounges, and playgrounds offer a variety of diversions, including video games, computers, toys, crafts, music, and best of all, the company of other children.

    Starlight Site - St. Mary's Hospital for Children



Starlight Sites help ease young patients’ stress by stimulating the senses, providing an antidote to loneliness and an escape from the isolation of a hospital room. Every unique Starlight Site offers respite from the tedious routine most pediatric patients face. For young patients confined to a hospital, the opportunity to have fun in a well-equipped, welcoming atmosphere assists in the healing process.

There are currently 42 Starlight Sites across the tri-state area, 30 of which are Care Rooms.

   Starlight Site - St. Mary's Hospital for Children







If you would like to learn more about the Starlight Sites program or how to bring a Starlight Site to a hospital in the tri-state area, please contact Michele Hall-Duncan.

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