UC and Crohn's

We know how difficult it is to live with Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s, especially if you’re a teenager, so that’s why we working to enhance the UC and Crohn's site.

Did you know? Starbright World® online community is a safe, private, moderated social network for teens affected by medical conditions – like UC or Crohn’s. If you’re a teenager affected by IBD, whether it’s your illness or a sibling’s, you can join (for free) and meet other teens going through similar journeys. SBW is a safe, fun place to chat, vent, ask advice and provide support for other teens.

When this page is updated, you can learn more about UC and Crohn’s and hear others’ stories and experiences:
• Get practical tips for handling your illness.
• Get facts about the importance of nutrition and basic tips for staying on track with dietary recommendations, especially useful when dining with others. 
• Get info on how to add physical activity into your regimen. Yes, that means sweating a little.
• Get advice on how to leverage your doctors’ knowledge (they’re your doctors, after all).
• Get school survival skills, including how to communicate with teachers or classmates – without feeling obligated to divulge too much information.