Create a Galaxy of Joy for Starlight with Brick City Blockade

Since 2016, the Brick City Blockade and its Podcast Network has found unique and exclusive ways to help benefit local business, charities, and spread the message of positivity throughout the fandom. Built on the phrase line ‘Friendom’, the Brick City Blockade continues to expand its outreach in providing fan-focused content and engaging conversations that propel the presence of unity in that galaxy far far away. The Brick City Blockade, through its Podcast Network has become a staple of the podcasting feeds online, and the go-to for in depth conversations with all members of the Star Wars fandom, and even those directly associated with the films, television shows and so much more. Now it’s time to expand the reach of the Friendom; to bring happiness to kids and families in hospitals around the world through Starlight Children’s Foundation and it’s amazing message of Joy.

On Saturday September 29th, the Brick City Blockade and its Podcast Network will be supporting the local New Hampshire community by providing a day of family-focused fun surrounding our combined love for Star Wars at The Mall at Fox Run in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This event provides free access to entertainment and activities that would be present when attending a large scale fan convention, while also benefiting Starlight across the entire day. Every donation made, including the winning bids of our exciting silent auction, will benefit the work of Starlight Children’s Foundation and our efforts to bring happiness to every kid and family who needs it most.

Your donation and contribution to Starlight Children’s Foundation will provide the necessary feeling of cheer and relief when times are at their toughest. The presence of a smile when Starlight Gowns and Funcenters enter the rooms of its many patients is priceless, but only you can make those smiles a reality. Join the Friendom, and bring comfort to those who need it most!

Every $25 provides a hospitalized child one of our revolutionary Starlight Gowns!