Design-A-Gown Resources

Tools to help you design happiness

About Design-A-Gown

Thank you for joining our annual Design-A-Gown campaign! In the resource center below, you will find tools to help you design happiness for seriously ill kids . If you need additional resources or have questions, please contact us or email

  1. Design-A-Gown Template

    Calling all artists! Download your template and instructions for Design-A-Gown

    Download Template
  2. Design-A-Gown Tiltify

    Go to the Design-A-Gown Tiltify where you can check out our leaderboard and register to stream

  3. Discord

    Connect and chat with streaming ambassadors and Starlight staff

    Join starlight's discord
  4. Streaming FAQ

    Guidelines and specifications for all things streaming

  5. Donate

    Drawing not your thing? That’s okay! A donation could provide a comfy and colorful gown for a hospitalized kid

  6. Quick Start Guide

    Need help setting up Tiltify to stream? Follow our Quick Start Guide

    Read Instructions
  7. Infographics

    Fun infographics (available in different sizes) about the impact of Starlight's programs you can share on social

    Download and share
  8. Hospital Wear 1-pager

    Learn all about Starlight's Hospital Wear program on our fun and easy to read 1-pager


Videos for download

Why Starlight's Hospital Wear Program makes a difference.


Find our how Starlight's programs, like Virtual Reality, Gaming, and Hospital Wear, make an impact.


Watch the video to see how Certified Child Life Specialists utilize Starlight Virtual Reality to distract and entertain hospitalized kids.