Congratulations to the winner of the Starlight Gown #BrighterDaysContest, Sierra!

Sierra (14) Texas

We had over 130 amazing design submissions and over 1,200 votes for the finalist designs.  Congratulations to the finalists Emilia, Sierra, Kelsey, Jennifer and Kal – your designs were awesome! 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Starlight Gown #BrighterDaysContest, your support brings smiles to seriously ill kids and their families!

Meet Sierra

Sierra is a busy 14-year-old high school freshman. She’s a part of the color guard team which takes up a lot of her free time.  “When I’m not throwing flags, I enjoy reading, video games and catching up on my sleep,” Sierra said. 

She is also a scholarship recipient for the prestigious art program at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.  And it’s no surprise she wants to be an artist when she grows up! Sierra loves constellations and animals which inspired her “Final Frontier” gown design. “I wanted to design something with stars,” Sierra said. “And the animals in astronaut suits made me think of cute cuddly animals you hug when you sleep.”

Sierra’s younger brother, who has cochlear implants to help him hear, was also the inspiration for her #BrighterDaysContest gown design. “Knowing I can bring a little joy to these kids whose life is already a challenge and make their day the slightest bit better with my art, gives me pride.”

Congratulations Sierra for helping Starlight and Days Inn deliver happiness to seriously ill kids.

Sierra's winning space design

What’s Next?

Sierra’s design will be turned into real Starlight Gowns and delivered to hospitalized kids! Plus, thanks to our incredible partnership with Days Inn, Sierra will receive 45,000 Wyndham Rewards points.

Being a sick kid stuck in the hospital is difficult. Having to wear an old, uncomfortable hospital gown makes it even worse. Starlight Gowns make kids feel like superstars by replacing unattractive, uncomfortable and embarrassing hospital garments with high-quality, comfortable and brightly colored gowns.

The Contest is Over, There is Still Time to Deliver Happiness

Donate a Starlight Gown for $25 today to ensure more kids receive these one-of-a-kind Starlight Gowns!

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Starlight delivers happiness to seriously ill children and their families.

Days Inn is partnering with Starlight to bring smiles to hospitalized kids in communities from coast to coast.