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Ultimate Princess Celebration

For the first time in forever, Disney is celebrating the brave, beloved Disney Princesses and Frozen Queens in the Ultimate Princess Celebration.

As part of this global extravaganza, we have collaborated with Disney to design brand-new Princess-themed Starlight Hospital Gowns and matching pants inspired by iconic and heroic characters: Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Mulan, and Tiana.

These gowns and pants will be donated to pediatric facilities across the United States later this year in celebration of the courage and kindness these Princesses inspire in children facing serious illness.

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Starlight Hospital Wear
  1. Ariel-themed Starlight Gown

  2. Belle-themed Starlight Gown

  3. Cinderella-themed Starlight Gown

  1. Mulan-themed Starlight Gown

  2. Tiana-themed Starlight Gown

About Our Collaboration

Since 2001, The Walt Disney Company and Starlight Children’s Foundation have partnered to deliver happiness to seriously ill children and their families.  

In support of Disney’s commitment to reimagining the patient journey in children’s hospitals, Starlight delivers Disney-themed Starlight Gowns, Disney care packages, and Disney deliveries to provide a sense of comfort and normalcy to children during their hospital stay.

Making an impact in high anxiety spaces

  1. Disney-themed Starlight Gowns

    Disney-themed hospital gowns are inspired by a collection of favorite Disney characters. They replace traditional children’s hospital gowns and come in a variety of sizes and designs for children ages 2-16.

  2. Disney Care Packages

    Disney care packages provide uniquely Disney, personalized products for children to help recreate an environment of their own during their hospital stay.

  3. Disney Deliveries

    Through Starlight, Disney delivers toys, games, books, movies, and more from all of The Walt Disney Company’s beloved brands to seriously ill children across the country.

  1. in support to Starlight

  2. Disney-themed Starlight Gowns delivered

  3. Disney care packages delivered

  4. toys, books & games delivered

  5. hospitals have received Starlight + Disney programming

  6. seriously ill children positively impacted

“We are proud of our long-standing relationship with Starlight Children’s Foundation, and know how meaningful it can be for children and families experiencing a hospital stay to receive a bit of Disney magic in the form of Disney-themed Starlight Gowns, care packages, and deliveries. These special touches bring smiles to their faces and a much-needed sense of comfort and normalcy during what can be a very stressful time.”

—Jenny Cohen, EVP, Corporate Social Responsibility at
The Walt Disney Company

Our Impact

  1. The Force is Strong with This One: Esperanza’s Story

    Esperanza is a sweet, passionate, and artistic 12-year-old who has been battling stage 4 kidney failure. Through multiple hospital visits, it’s her Chewbacca-themed Starlight Gowns that makes her feel invincible.

    Meet Esperanza
  2. Starlight Gowns Through the Years

    Seven-year-old Anaiah from Valleywise Health Medical Center in Phoenix feels invincible in her Marvel-themed Gown! And she's not the only one at the hospital who enjoys them.

    Read about the impact
  3. Adding Disney Magic with Starlight Gowns

    Because of her scoliosis, Emerson has experienced a total of five surgeries in a short time. Her Minnie Mouse-themed Starlight Gown brings a smile to her face when she needed it most.

    Meet Emerson

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