Help Sick Kids Get Better Hospital Gowns

By replacing those drab, uncomfortable, embarrassing hospital gowns that haven’t changed for decades, Starlight Gowns are transforming the way kids experience hospitalization.

Starlight Gowns are:

  • Bright and colorful instead of dull and threadbare.
  • Soft and breathable instead of stiff and scratchy.
  • Fun and easy to wear instead of awkward and revealing.

Starlight Gowns also make it easier for doctors, nurses, and other caregivers to do tests and procedures.

And — best of all — Starlight Gowns let hospitalized children feel like astronauts, veterinarians, deep sea divers, or even characters from their favorite movies.

Because a sick kid is still a kid.

Every $25 provides a Starlight Gown to a sick child who needs one. Donate now!