Information to get involved in Stream For Starlight. Your participation will deliver happiness to kids across the country.

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About the Campaign

Stream For Starlight (S4S) is a month-long virtual campaign that invites businesses, influencers, gamers, and individuals to stream content and raise money to deliver happiness to seriously ill kids. The campaign takes place every September in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Check out the fundraising streams being hosted for S4S!

How Can You Take Part?

  1. Stream

    Stream and fundraise!

    Streaming resources
  2. Show Up

    Check out the calendar of events

  3. Support

  • Stream your favorite activity. It’s easy to fundraise by streaming whatever you do best to the masses. Gaming? Music? Makeup tutorials? Live stream and transform a life. Be sure to check out our streaming resources, and don't forget to register your charity stream on Stream For Starlight's Tiltify event!

  • Show up by taking part! Streaming not your thing? No problem! We are showcasing all Starlight fundraising events for you to watch and participate in.

  • Support! Just $10 can deliver happiness to 10 hospitalized kids. Donate today

Interested in Streaming For Starlight?

Want to Stream For Starlight but not sure where to start? Fill out this form and a Starlight staff member will contact you. Also be sure to check out the Should I Stream For Starlight decision tree! By signing up to stream you are agreeing to the S4S terms.

Other ways to support Starlight in September

  1. Cubcoats is donating 12% of sales to Starlight. Click the link below for 10% off your purchase.

    Get 10% off
  2. In September, Batch Cooking Club will donate $5 of every meal plan membership sold.

    Join Batch Cooking Club
  3. 10% of the Starry Night painting sales at Painting To Gogh will be donated to Starlight.

    Paint your masterpiece
  4. A percentage of all products sold on their website will be donated to Starlight. In September they are also donating an R&O child-sized mask for every Essentials Kit.

    Red & Olive Products
  5. During September, Orange Lining will donate 20% of online product sales to Starlight. Buy something for the child in your life.

    Shop Orange Lining
  6. Jimmy from They Can Talk Comics is donating 100% of proceeds from Original Art "moms" and Original Art "3:00am"

    Purchase Art and Support
  7. 100% of Pris Letters Star Sticker sales will be donated to Starlight during September.

    Shop the Stickers
Starlight kid Khalil with a VR headset
kid undergoing chemo playing on starlight gaming
A girl in the hospital with a starlight hospital gown on playing with toys and paint

Stay informed

We'll keep you in the loop with resources, Starlight stories, and Stream For Starlight updates!

The Impact is Real

Funds raised will go toward Starlight’s state-of-the-art programs like Virtual Reality and Gaming to entertain, distract, and inspire hospitalized kids at more than 800 children’s hospital and healthcare facilities across the U.S.

Starlight’s innovative and inspiring programs are needed across the country, now more than ever. Regardless of the severity of the illness or injury, a sick kid is still a kid. 

Learn more about impact of supporting Starlight