Starlight Awards

Starlight Awards

Starlight is incredibly focused on fulfilling our mission - delivering happiness to seriously ill kids and their families - and we could not do this without the support of our generous donors, partners, and hospitals.

In 2021, several individuals, organizations and groups went above and beyond in promoting our work of bringing joy to kids at a time when they need it most. Recognizing them with a Starlight Award is a small gesture in comparison to the lasting impact of their efforts.

Meet your 2021 Starlight Award honorees.

Starlight Award Honorees

  1. Tom Segura Hospital Event

    Golden Heart: Tom Segura

  2. Blog Annual Report 2019 Sheri Sobrato Digging Deep Project

    Lifetime Achievement: Sheri Sobrato

Happiness Heroes

  1. Kathleen Chung

    Kathleen Chung

  2. The Los Angeles Ghostbusters: Busting Ghosts and Giving Back

    LA Ghostbusters

  3. Buzz Light Year Hospital Gown

    The Bitterman Family

  4. Kids Helping Blog PLAY It Forward with Luke

    Luke Stroud

Hospital Heroes

  1. SmilesFor3.1Miles Blog

    Golden Hero: AdventHealth Orlando, Child Life Team

  2. Haas F1 Event

    Golden Hero: Lyssa Adams, Children's Clinic for Rehabilitative Services

  3. Haas F1 Carolina Event

    Hospital Partner of the Year: Mercy Children's Hospital

  1. Buzz Light Year Hospital Gown

    Hospital MVP: Jacqueline Pufundt, Advocate Children's Hospital

  2. Kyrell Cubs-themed Starlight Gowns

    DEI Champion: Edith Castillo, DHR Health

  3. Kyrell Cubs-themed Starlight Gowns

    DEI Champion: Children's Hospital of Mississippi

Innovation Heroes

  1. Ryan's World Hospital Visit

    Vendor of the Year: Salesforce B2B Team

  2. Advocate Radio Flyer Hero Wagon
  3. Marty McMahon, Gaming Specialist

    Marty McMahon, Texas Children's Hospital

    Excellence in Gaming
  4. DGR Dave BlogImage - Pink Hair

    Content Creator of the Year: DGR_Dave