For more than 25 years, our Gaming program has provided entertainment, distraction, and a sense of normalcy for hospitalized kids. Our mobile Fun Center is Powered by the Nintendo’s Wii U and features platforms like Netflix and Hulu. Starlight Fun Centers offer online access to family-friendly video games movies and other programs through mobile entertainment units that can go anywhere in the hospital. Moving from ERs to waiting rooms to a child’s bedside, they are often a source of smiles, laughter and much-needed normalcy for kids and families facing difficult medical challenges.

More than a Gaming System

Starlight Fun Centers are incredible and unique tools for hospitalized kids and those working with them. To a hospitalized child, a Fun Center unit helps combat boredom and loneliness through access to popular games like Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Madden NFL, NBA 2k13 and more. To caregivers, it is a tool that supports recovery by providing opportunities to engage and to promote activity.

“I couldn’t do my job without the Starlight Fun Center unit. They make a huge difference, especially for kids who are having pain management issues.”
– Heather, Child Life Specialist

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