The Force is Strong with Starlight Kids

5-year-old Averie in her Starlight Gown.

As 5-year-old Averie was being wheeled away from her parents and into surgery, a nurse talked to her about R2-D2. She forgot about her fears and  the impending surgery, as they chatted about her R2-D2 Starlight Gown.

That’s the power of our Starlight Gowns and Star Wars.

“The R2-D2 Starlight Gown that Averie had for her surgery honestly made the whole experience better for her,” Aaron, Averie’s father, tells us.

Star Wars Fans Across the Generations

Averie was born with DiGeorge’s syndrome which is a chromosomal disorder that results in poor development of several body systems. For Averie, her kidneys and speech are most affected.

Averie with her father, Aaron before surgery.

She went in for surgery on Dec. 6 at Lakeland Regional Health in Florida. The procedure was to build up her pharyngeal flap by taking muscle tissue from the back of her throat and moving it to her palate in order to improve her speech.

Averie’s dad, Aaron, is the host of Rebels Reaction and blogger for Coffee with Kenobi, an online podcast and blog for Star Wars fans to discuss the latest Star Wars happenings.

Coffee with Kenobi has supported Starlight by blogging and reporting on our programs for the past few years, so when we found out Aaron’s daughter needed surgery, we sent one of our new Star Wars-themed Starlight Gowns before her hospitalization.

Even though Averie is only five, she’s already a true Star Wars fan. She loves watching Star Wars: Forces of Destiny with her dad.

R2-D2 Starlight Gown Provides Smiles to Young Jedi

“Besides the obvious comfort of the gown, it gave Averie something to be excited about and something that the doctor and nurses could engage with her about and distract her from the situation of the surgery,” Aaron said.

The surgery went well and Averie was able to go home earlier than expected.

“Thank you, Starlight for the R2-D2 gown and care package for Averie. It truly made her stay in the hospital easier and her recovery more enjoyable. Thank you and may the Force be with you all!”

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