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Five Ways to Celebrate Juneteenth with Your Kids

Juneteenth is a holiday celebrated every June 19th to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved people in the U.S., which came a full two and half years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.

Starlight honors Juneteenth by recognizing it as a company holiday and encouraging our employees to use the day for reflection and education. We have also gathered several resources and activities that you can do with your kids on Juneteenth.

  1. Read Books with Your Kids. Check out the below titles to read with kids of all ages.
    All Different Now: Juneteenth, the First Day of Freedom By Angela Johnson
    Juneteenth for Mazie By Floyd Cooper
    Juneteenth By Vaunda Micheaux Nelson
    Juneteenth: Freedom Day By Muriel Miller Branch

  2. Plan a Family Feast! Spend the day cooking and decorating your table while discussing the importance of Juneteenth. Focus on food with red hues as red foods are customary for Juneteenth because red is a symbol of ingenuity and resilience in bondage. Think foods like watermelon, spicy hot links, hot sauce, and red velvet cake. Plus, you can get creative and make a fun, red-themed drink!

  3. Visit an African American Museum. Check your local area to see if you live near an African American Museum where you and your kids can learn more about the African American history and culture!

  4. Order in from a Black-Owned Business! There are a lot of lists available that spotlight black-owned restaurants. Find a list for your local area and sit down with your kids to pick out which restaurant you want to order from. Plus, if there are others you want to try, you can make this a regular habit when ordering out!

  5. Listen to Music. June is also Black Music Month! Spend Juneteenth by exploring Spotify’s Black Music Month (you are able to turn off explicit content in your settings) or teach your kids about freedom songs and spirituals.

Whether you choose one activity or five, we hope that you use the day to have meaningful conversations with your kids about the importance of Juneteenth.

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