Meet Emily

Meet Heart Warrior, Emily

Four-year-old Emily has the biggest smile and absolutely loves to make people laugh. If she does something that makes her big brother giggle, she’ll do it 100 more times just to make him happy.   

Emily has down syndrome and heart disease. She has undergone more than 4 surgeries and other procedures in her young life. She had an emergency surgery last November, but since then her mom, Laurie, tells us that Emily is thriving. Especially when it comes to Pre-K! She loves going to school and is getting close to standing on her own and getting stronger every single day.

We love that Starlight Gowns match this little girls’ huge personality.

“We always say that just because you don’t feel good, doesn’t mean you can’t look good!” Laurie says. “These gowns take away all the scary tubes and wires and needles and she can focus on the fun bright colors!”

And we couldn’t agree more!

Starlight Gowns come in all different designs from favorite movie characters to fun and whimsical drawings. For parents, one of their main goals while their child is in the hospital is to keep them as comfortable as possible. Laurie says when she has a Starlight Gown for Emily, it’s like she’s wrapped in a soft blanket.

For American Heart Month, we want to honor all the brave children who endure heart surgeries at such a young age. Nearly 40,000 infants in the U.S. are born each year with congenital heart defects. There’s no cure, only temporary fixes, but that doesn’t stop kids like Emily from living a full and wonderful life.

Show your heart and donate today so kids like Emily can continue to receive Starlight programs that make their hospital stay a whole lot better. Just $25 can provide a Starlight Gown to a child in need!

Or better yet, become a monthly donor and ensure kids across the US will always have access to our Starlight programs that deliver happiness. 

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