Eight Tips for Celebrating the Holidays Safely

We know that holidays are still going to look a little different this year. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic may cause you to change your traditions, there are still ways that you can celebrate! Based on CDC and health official recommendations, here are eight tips on how to adjust your holiday plans to keep you safe and reduce the chance of spreading the virus:   

  1. Get vaccinated when eligible: Protect yourself and those that are not yet eligible for vaccination, such as young kids, by getting yourself vaccinated as soon as you can. As of November, individuals 5 and older are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. 

  2. Wear Masks: If you are not fully vaccinated and/or have a group of mixed vaccination statuses, you should wear a well-fitted mask when you are in an indoor setting. 

  3. Move Your Gathering Outside: This allows for more room to distance from others while also increasing air flow, which can help decrease the spread of the virus.  

  4. Limit the Number of People: The smaller you can keep the gathering, the better. The more people that are attending, the higher the risk of catching COVID-19 is. Above all, always follow your local and state guidelines around the number of people and/or households that are allowed to gather.  

  5. Ventilate well: If you are gathering inside, make sure to ventilate well by opening doors and windows, running HVAC systems, and using high-quality air filters. 

  6. Ask individuals to test before coming: While vaccines are extremely effective, we do know that breakthrough cases can happen. Thus, asking your guests to get tested and verify they are negative will add an extra layer of protection to your holiday gathering. Check your local or state health departments website to find the latest information on testing or you can buy a rapid test at your local store. 

  7. Communicate clearly: Have a conversation with all your guests so you are all on the same page with COVID-19 safety precautions. 

  8. Stay home if sick: If you are sick or have any COVID-19 symptoms, please do not attend or host a gathering.  

Remember, the more events you host or attend, the higher chance you have of catching and spreading COVID-19. Try to limit your number of social activities and do as much with just your household as possible.

This year, you can create new memories and maybe develop a few new customs that can carry on for years to come! 

Be sure to always follow the guidelines in your state and local area.  

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