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Seven Tips for Celebrating the Holidays Safely

We know that holidays are going to look different this year. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic may cause you to change your traditions, there are still ways that you can still celebrate. Based on CDC and health official recommendations, here are seven tips on how to adjust your holiday plans to keep you safe and reduce the chance of spreading the virus:

  1. Wear Masks and Socially Distance:
    Physical distancing and face coverings are two extremely important ways to protect yourself and others! If you are unable to keep at least six feet distance from others outside of your household, always wear a face mask.

  2. Move Your Gathering Outside:
    This allows for more room to distance from others while also increasing air flow, which can help decrease the spread of the virus.

  3. Limit the Number of People:
    The smaller you can keep the gathering, the better. The more people that are attending and outside of your “bubble,” the higher the risk of catching COVID-19 is. Above all, always follow your local and state guidelines around the number of people and/or households that are allowed to gather.

  4. Set Up Different Tables for Different Households:
    This is a great way to help keep each household separate and distanced.

  5. Avoid Buffets:
    If possible, consider asking your guests to bring their own food, drinks and utensils. If not, have one person serve the food, while wearing a mask, and always use single-use utensils.

  6. Practice Good Hand Hygiene:
    Place hand sanitizer at each table so your guests have access to their own bottle. Be sure to always wash your hands often, like when you’re coming back inside from your house or before touching your face.

  7. Set Expectations Ahead of Time:
    Have a conversation with all your guests so they know what the guidelines will be in place to keep everyone safe.

Remember, the more events you host or attend, the higher chance you have of catching and spreading COVID-19. Try to limit your number of social activities and do as much with just your household as possible.

Get creative and find ways to bring your traditions into the holidays of 2020. You’ll create new memories and maybe develop a few new customs that can carry on for years to come!

Be sure to always follow the guidelines in your state and local area.

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