Top-rated Charity for the Fourth Year in a Row!

We are proud to announce we’ve received the highest charity rating for the fourth consecutive year from Charity Navigator. According to America’s largest and most-utilized nonprofit evaluator, Starlight “exceeds industry standards and outperforms most charities in its Cause.”

“Delivering happiness to seriously ill children is a true and joyous privilege, and we take our mission very seriously,” said Adam Garone, CEO, Starlight Children’s Foundation. “We hope this rating will ensure the highest possible confidence and trust from our grassroots donors, from our corporate partners, and most important, from the children, families, and hundreds of hospitals across the country we have the honor of supporting every day. We are proud to have earned this fourth consecutive recognition from Charity Navigator.”

Take a minute to review our rating on Charity Navigator. 

We are humbled and grateful to earn 100% in accountability and transparency. That means you can confidently know that your donation directly impacts the millions of hospitalized kids we serve.

“Starlight goes above and beyond to meet the needs of kids and families,” Dorinda Hock, Director of Maternal Child Health at Anaheim Global Medical Center. “Each child is left to feel like the center of attention with use of the programs. They forget they are in a hospital and instead feel catered to and spoiled.”

Just because a child is sick and needs to be in the hospital, doesn’t mean they stop being children. That’s where you can help us.

Help us celebrate this 4-star rating and donate today. Our programs, including Starlight Gowns, Starlight Fun Centers and Starlight Xperience virtual reality headsets, bring a sense of normalcy and fun when kids need it most.

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We thank you for your continued support and above all, your trust in us.


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  1. First of all congrats. on your recent rating. I plan on donating to you in the very near future. It won’t be much cause I’m on medical disability myself. But as a poet once said in a book that I once read, or was it an article about a book, anyway, it said that all children are like trailing clouds of glory! and I think you’d agree, that is the truest statement that I have ever heard. Talk to you soon. John.

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