Hospital Wear

Designed to be comfortable, functional, and make hospital stays happier


Hospital wear is often a source of discomfort for seriously ill children. It leaves them feeling exposed or embarrassed in an already overwhelming situation, and the transition from their own clothes to hospital gowns is one of the highest stress moments in a child’s hospital journey.

Starlight Gowns replace uncomfortable and embarrassing hospital gowns with ones that are high-quality, comfortable, and brightly colored. Plus, they’re specially designed with snaps on the sleeves and ties down the side to provide better coverage for kids and easier access for hospital staff during medical procedures. Best of all, kids love to wear Starlight Gowns!

Our Impact


Starlight Gowns have been given to children at 350+ hospitals & pediatric units in all 50 states since 2016

$25 can provide a comfy and colorful gown to a seriously ill kid

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Starlight kid story

Starlight kid Finn was born with a congenital heart defect (CHD) and endured open-heart surgery a few months after birth. He loves to wear his heart-themed Starlight Gown to his cardiology appointments. For many kids with heart defects, their heart is working 10 times harder than the average child. This causes them to get hot very easily and traditional hospital gowns do not allow for comfort. Starlight Gowns and their ultra-soft and lightweight material allows kids with CHD to be more comfortable wearing a design they love.

Finn, age 2, born with congenital heart disease

$25 can provide a comfy and colorful gown to a seriously ill kid

Give $25

"Starlight is such a gift to our hospital. The new gowns have completely changed the conversation when children are admitted to the hospital. They now have a choice of something far more fun and delightful than ever before. We are so grateful for your creativity and support. You make a difference!"

– Erika Croswhite, Child Life Supervisor, Denver Health

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  1. 92%
    strongly agree that their child feels better about how they look in a Starlight Gown than a traditional hospital gown
  2. 87%
    of staff report that the Starlight Gown’s design makes performing routine tasks easier and more efficient for medical staff and less stressful for children
  3. 86%
    of staff report that Starlight Gowns make it easier for medical staff to build rapport with seriously ill children and their families
  4. 260,000
    Starlight Gowns have been distributed to seriously ill kids

The Future

  • Starlight’s ultimate goal is for every hospitalized child to receive a Starlight Gown.

  • Starlight plans to launch its first ever Evergreen Gown line.

  • Starlight will reveal and launch a new gown pattern that will feature side pockets and new snaps for patient privacy and comfort.

  • Starlight will conduct focus groups with Certified Child Life Specialists and clinicians to determine the most impactful additions to the Hospital Wear program (i.e. pants, socks, blankets etc.)

Check out how Starlight Gowns bring smiles to seriously ill kids.

This program delivers happiness through the following ways:

  1. Comfort

    Starlight Gowns are softer, provide more coverage, movement, and a better fit than a regular hospital gown

  2. Socialization

    The colorful gowns are a conversation starter with everyone from clinical staff to other patients

  3. Normalization

    Familiar characters and kid-friendly designs remind children of comfortable pajamas from home

  4. Procedural Support

    Clinicians can easily perform routine medical procedures with multiple points of access

  5. Emotional Support

    Choosing an outfit provides an outlet for kids to express emotions and identity through their appearance

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  2. Hospital Wear Report Card

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Starlight’s Hospital Wear supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3