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Give happiness to hospitalized kids

The hospital is

That's why Starlight exists.

Hospitalization can be an emotional and stressful experience for children.

We ensure that hospitals are easy places for kids to be. Our vital services ease the boredom, distract from the endless pokes or pain, and inspire imagination to help kids feel better.

Because happy kids heal faster.

In 2023, Starlight impacted more than 3 million hospitalized kids and their families at 724 hospitals and care facilities across the US.

Hospital Gowns

Stimulate creativity and help kids express individuality, which gives emotional support to ease anxiety around treatments.

Give Comfort
Child VR Receiving Shot
Virtual Reality

Redirects focus away from difficult treatments as kids escape to an interactive experience.

Give Distraction
Alexis Baby-Shark
Toy Deliveries

Helps kids feel safe in an unfamiliar environment through an experience that makes them happy – play!

Give Play

National Reach, Local Impact

We place programs free of cost in more than 700 hospitals and healthcare facilities. Search for a benefiting hospital near you.