Starlight Children’s Foundation Launches Public Service Announcement Showing Why “Happiness Matters” to Hospitalized Kids

“Happiness Matters” PSA highlights how Starlight programs brighten the lives of pediatric patients

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 30, 2024 – Today, the nonprofit Starlight Children’s Foundation launched its new public service announcement (PSA), titled Happiness Matters, to share with audiences that its vital programs improve the well-being of hospitalized kids and have a positive impact on their healthcare journey. The PSA depicts how hospitalization can be a traumatic experience for a child, emphasizing feelings of fear, confusion, and pain, while highlighting the parallel journey of the parents.

Children rely on positive experiences to support their emotional growth and development. However, while in the hospital, these essential experiences can be few and far between. To help pediatric patients maintain a sense of hope and positivity during hospitalization or treatments, Starlight programs serve as a crucial resource for children and families facing pediatric healthcare challenges.

Donor-funded and offered free of charge to over 500 children’s hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide, Starlight programs – including the Radio Flyer Hero Wagon, Starlight Gaming,Starlight Hospital Gowns and Starlight Toy Deliveries, among others – can reduce anxiety, improve mood, and instill a sense of control and empowerment in young patients.

“Studies show that happiness can help patients recover faster and with fewer complications,” said Adam Garone, CEO of Starlight Children’s Foundation. “At Starlight, we aim to transform the hospital moments of kids through programs that provide positive distractions, uplift spirits and empower kids with a renewed sense of optimism and courage. This new PSA illustrates why it’s important to help ensure hospitals are easier places for kids to be.”

The storytellers at Pigeon Road helped bring Starlight’s vision of the PSA to life. Starting today, Starlight’s new PSA will be broadcast on television and radio stations across the country.

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