Starlight Families

Bridging the gap between a child's hospital journey and their at-home recovery

At Starlight, we know that a child's journey with their illness does not always end when they leave the hospital. Many will begin at-home recovery, have follow-up appointments, and receive ongoing treatments.

That's why the Starlight Families program exists.

By providing encouragement and resources that continue to bring happiness to pediatric patients and their families, we are able to support our Starlight Families through every step of their journey.

Why become a Starlight Family?

  • Gain early access to Starlight programs.

  • Receive digital tools and resources.

  • Enjoy special experiences and celebrations.

Our Programs in Action

It’s the little moments like surprise toy deliveries or the big moments like riding through the halls in a Starlight Radio Flyer Hero Wagon that aid the well-being and happiness of hospitalized kids. No one knows that better than our Starlight Kids and Families who have felt the joy of Starlight programs.

Toy Deliveries and Virtual Reality

Toy Deliveries and Virtual Reality

Grace is an outgoing 11-year-old, who was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2021. Because she was diagnosed during the surge of COVID, she was often lonely and isolated, but Starlight Toy Deliveries and Virtual Reality helped keep her busy.

Hospital Gowns and Radio Flyer Hero Wagons

Hospital Gowns and Radio Flyer Hero Wagons

Olivianna is a happy 6-year-old who love Starlight programs. Diagnosed with a brain tumor at six months old and living with epilepsy and visual impairment, hospitalization is a monthly experience. She receives much-needed comfort from the Starlight Gowns, and riding the Starlight Radio Flyer Hero Wagon helps calm her down before medical procedures.

Interactive Resources

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