Impact Overview

Delivering happiness because happy kids heal faster

Since 1982, Starlight’s programs positively impact over 2.4 million hospitalized kids each year across the US.

A hospitalized child is scared, lonely, and often in hospital for a long period of time. Everything that makes being a kid is out of reach.

Innovative and inspiring programs like Starlight Virtual Reality, Starlight Hospital Gowns, and Starlight Gaming bring the very best in technology, play, and other fun experiences to distract and entertain pediatric patients as they navigate the stress and pain that can come along with any illness.

How we deliver happiness to hospitalized kids

  1. Chris Gaming


    7,500 Starlight Gaming stations have delivered happiness to over 13.4 million children.
  2. Hero Wagons Emma

    Hero Wagons

    More than 15,000 of Radio Flyer's iconic red wagons have been delivered to children's hospitals across the US.
  3. Starlight Gown Program

    Hospital Gowns

    Over 434,500 Starlight Gowns have been distributed to seriously ill children.
  4. Girl Receiving Baby Shark Toy

    Toy Deliveries

    Starlight has shipped over $19.3 million in books, toys, games, arts & crafts, and other items that have been distributed to over 2.6 million children.
  5. Boy Using Starlight VR Headset

    Virtual Reality

    Over 1,800 Starlight Virtual Reality headsets have transformed the hospital experience for more than 999,000 children.

Measuring Program Impact

We believe that happiness and healing work together to provide the best outcome for pediatric patients, which is why we evaluate our programs on 10 criteria, including the following:

  1. Play


    Engages children through activities to help them learn, grow, and express themselves in an unfamiliar environment

  2. Procedural Support Illustration

    Procedural Support

    Helps reduce stress and anxiety, resulting in greater compliance and less challenging medical procedures

  3. Pain Management Illustration

    Pain Management

    Helps to prevent, reduce, or stop pain sensations associated with medical procedures

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