Announcing: A New Way To Deliver Happiness

Our goal is to place Starlight programs into the hospitals that need them most. The easiest way to support our network of over 800 hospitals is to donate. As little as $10 a month can make a big impact in the lives of seriously ill children. 

If you’re looking for a more local way to support the community, look no further!  

We are excited to announce you can now Sponsor A Hospital! That means you can choose a hospital in your area and donate or fundraise for the Starlight programs they need.   

Donate programs or create a local fundraiser — the way you support is up to you! Then it's as simple as 1,2,3: 

  1. Choose your hospital 

  2. Pick your Starlight programs 

  3. Provide some basic information and hit submit 

A Starlight team member will contact you to set up your fundraiser or process your donation. Then you are on your way to delivering smiles to sick kids in your local hospital. 

Looking for other ways to deliver happiness to seriously ill kids?
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