Celebrating Starlight's Happiness Heroes: The Los Angeles Ghostbusters

As Starlight celebrates our 40th anniversary, we want to turn the spotlight on the incredible supporters, hospitals, and partners that enable us to fulfill our mission – delivering happiness to seriously ill kids and their families.  

Starlight is honored to recognize the amazing impact of one of our dedicated fundraising groups, The Los Angeles Ghostbusters. This philanthropy-driven cosplay group is comprised of passionate Busters who love to put a smile on people’s faces and believe in giving back to make a difference in the world.  

Since partnering with Starlight in 2021, the LA Ghostbusters have raised over $20,000 to deliver smiles to seriously ill kids. From themed events to sharing Starlight’s mission at various fan conventions across Southern California, they have approached fundraising with creativity and purpose - hosting raffles, trivia, and silent auctions to not only excite their fans but also have a huge impact on Starlight’s mission.  

As a group united by a “love of geeky fandoms,” each member understands the importance of finding happiness through social connections and shared entertainment. Bringing joy to kids and families through role-playing and ghostbusting antics has always been their purpose, so supporting Starlight’s mission was a natural alignment.

We are proud to be fundraising partners of Starlight Children's Foundation, with great affection for their similar mission of bringing happiness to the lives of seriously ill children and their families. Happiness is healing, emotionally for some and physically for others.

- Jeremy Treat, LA Ghostbusters' founding member

Starlight is so proud of the impact our programs have had for 40 years, and we are deeply grateful to passionate supporters like the LA Ghostbusters who have helped sick kids smile during their toughest moments.  

Join us in celebrating 40 years of delivering happiness — give $40 to transform the lives of hospitalized kids and receive a limited-edition anniversary pin! 

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