Children's of Mississippi Named Starlight DEI Champion

For the past 40 years, Starlight has focused on fulfilling our mission – delivering happiness to seriously ill kids and their families. This would not have been possible without support from hospitals, donors, families, and more.  

We are so excited to spotlight our hospital partner, Children’s of Mississippi, who we have been fortunate to work with for the past five years, with the DEI Champion Award. Over the past three years, our work with Children’s of Mississippi has increased exponentially as they have partnered with us to ensure our programs are meeting the needs of the diverse populations they serve. 

They have utilized a variety of our programs and particularly appreciate the impact that Starlight Gowns have on young patients.

"At Children’s of Mississippi, Starlight Gowns welcome our patients to our Imaging and Surgical units where children undergo MRI and CT scans, fluoroscopy exams, and surgical procedures. When presented with Starlight gowns, our patients’ eyes light up, and we witness their excitement to wear the fun, colorful gowns with child-friendly designs and favorite character decorations. Starlight Gowns have made an impactful difference in the patient experience at our facility, helping children feel less afraid in the hospital setting and more confident while facing medical procedures. We cannot thank Starlight enough for the continued support!"

The team at Children’s of Mississippi also loves receiving accessible and inclusive toys through Starlight Deliveries, as well as wheelchair covers and accessories for imaginative play, empowering books, journals, and more. These accessible options ensure that they can provide the best support possible to all kids who receive care at their facility.  

Hospital partners like Children’s of Mississippi are there for underserved communities through some of life’s most difficult challenges, whether that is a child battling cancer or a teenager undergoing open heart surgery. We are honored that Starlight programs can play a role in their patient's healing process.  

You can help us continue to make impacts at hospitals, like Children’s of Mississippi, by donating today.

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