Delivering Holiday Happiness to Starlight Kid Jacobi

Being stuck in the hospital is a difficult experience for any kid. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this experience has become even more challenging, with increased restrictions on visitation and socialization in the hospital.  
Starlight Kid Jacobi, 9 years old, required treatment for an inherited blood disorder, sickle cell anemia, during the holiday season right in the middle of the global pandemic. This meant that he spent extended periods of time in the hospital and wasn’t able to have fun with his peers at school, engage with other young patients, or take part in familiar holiday traditions.

"During the pandemic Jacobi really struggled with isolation, pain, school, and more,” shared Marsha Newsome, the administrator at Piedmont Health Services where Jacobi was treated. But there was one thing that helped bring joy to Jacobi while he was at the hospital—Starlight Deliveries. Starlight Deliveries provide a fun and accessible way for kids to enjoy the holidays by gifting toys and other goodies to hospitalized kids, with a variety of options that meet the needs of every child.  

“We held a drive-by toy giveaway with toys received from Starlight," said Marsha. “[Jacobi’s] guardian stated she had not seen him smile like that a long time. We were able to assist 33 patients."  

Every year, Starlight Deliveries sends hundreds of thousands of books, toys, games, arts & crafts, and other items directly to seriously ill kids. Whether a hospital has 33 or 300 young patients, Starlight works to ensure that they have plenty of these fun and kid-friendly items to bring joy to kids year-round.  

These Deliveries made a huge difference in Jacobi's hospital experience and brought moments of joy during a difficult and isolating time. A donation of just $25 can help ship a pallet of toys and other goodies to a hospital treating young patients. Give today to deliver holiday happiness to kids like Jacobi! 

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