Happy Father’s Day! 

For Father’s Day, we asked a few of the dads on Starlight’s staff to tell us what makes fatherhood special to them and their kids.  

What does being a dad mean to you?  

“Being a Father is the most important role you can undertake in your life.  To nurture, love, guide and challenge your kids each and every day is the greatest privilege.” – Adam, CEO  

“To me, being a dad means providing a space for my kids to grow emotionally and spiritually. It means making mistakes and owning up to them.  It means modeling the behaviors and words I want my kids to have and say.  It means watching a piece of my heart that I can’t control but I can mold.  It’s difficult.  It’s fun.  It’s tiring and energizing.  And so far, it’s been totally worth it.  I love being a dad! – Matt, Mission Delivery Coordinator  

“To raise a friend and help guide him away from life's pitfalls.  Then to be understanding when he ignores my advice and wants to try something anyways!” – Mike, CFO 

What brings your kids happiness?  

“Adventures outside and swimming.” – Adam 

“When he does well at something and we are there to see it... over and over again!” – Mike   

“Currently, swimming in pools or being sprayed with a water hose brings happiness to my son (and also to my pregnant wife).  He’s happy exploring the neighborhood on his balance bike and coasting down parking garage ramps, kicking a soccer ball or chasing a frisbee, and hiking.  Reading books and “tuggling,” also known as snuggling, before bed makes him really happy too.  Some nights so happy it’s hard to leave the room!” – Matt 

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