Humble Bundle is Delivering Happiness with Starlight Children's Foundation

In a heartwarming collaboration that combines the power of gaming and generosity, Humble Bundle and Starlight Children's Foundation have joined forces to deliver happiness to hospitalized children and their families.  

Humble Bundle, a renowned digital storefront for games, books, and software, known for its community-driven approach and charitable initiatives, has demonstrated a deep commitment to making a positive difference in the world. Through the sales of specially curated bundles, Humble Bundle has raised over $240 million for various charities since its founding, including $33 million in 2022. Among them, Starlight has been a beneficiary of their generosity, receiving an incredible $513,000 since our partnership began in 2022.

"Promoting health and well-being are among our key charitable focus areas at Humble, and we're proud to partner with an organization like Starlight Children's Foundation who has that mission at its heart," said Kamini Tiwari, Humble's VP of Social Impact. "It's incredible to see what kind of difference our community has already made for sick kids during their hospital stays since we joined forces with Starlight last year, and we're looking forward to providing them with even more opportunities to support their programs."

Blog Image – Humble Bundle
Humble Bundle delivered happiness with Starlight Hospital Gowns & Starlight Backpacks

Thanks to Humble Bundle's support, we have been able to deliver vital programs such as Hospital Gowns and Toy Deliveries, ensuring that pediatric patients have access to socialization, procedural support, and emotional care. By funding the distribution of these programs, Humble Bundle has played a crucial role in delivering moments of joy to hospitalized children across the country.

We’re incredibly grateful to Humble Bundle and its community for their generous gift to fund the distribution of Starlight Hospital Gowns and Starlight Toy Deliveries to children in hospitals who are scared, lonely, and missing out on all of the things that make being a kid fun.

- Adam Garone, CEO, Starlight Children's Foundation

Through our partnership, Humble Bundle has proven that gaming and generosity can go hand in hand. By supporting our programs, they are making a difference in the hospital experience for sick children and their families. Their support helps us continue bringing joy, encouraging healing, and sharing hope with patients and families when they need it most.

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