Meet Starlight Ambassador Josie

For 17-year-old Starlight Kid Josie, life has included quite a bit of time in hospitals. At birth, Josie was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, previously known as Brittle Bone Disease, which means her bones can be easily broken without obvious cause. Because of this, Josie has undergone several surgeries and hospitalizations related to the management of her condition.

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During one of her hospital visits, Josie was introduced to Starlight Hospital Wear and has since loved wearing the “comfy and colorful gowns”. 

“Due to my disability, I am quite short and tiny, so the Starlight Gowns are the only hospital gowns that fit me. It used to be frustrating when I would go to the hospital and the gowns I was given to wear before surgery would be huge on me, so when I found out that my hospital had Starlight Gowns, I was really happy that I could fit in them!" 

Josie is also extremely grateful for Starlight Gaming because it gave her a chance to just be a kid while in the hospital, playing video games and watching television like she would be at home. 

"Things that have helped make my hospital stays better are getting to do fun things to take my mind off of the pain, like playing video games in the game room, watching lots of tv shows, and talking to my friends."

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We are thrilled to have Josie join our Starlight Kid Ambassadors in 2023!

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