Meet Starlight’s Design-A-Gown Finalist, Hannah!

Hannah was only eight years old when she was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma. She spent a year receiving treatment and going in and out hospitals.  

"I know from first-hand experience how a small gesture, like a fun hospital gown, can have on the experience of a patient and their family during a difficult time," Hannah says. "I wish I had had a Starlight gown when I was a kid!" 

hannah and her pineapple Design-A-Gown submission

Today, Hannah is a thriving 30-year-old and spends her time volunteering in children's hospitals. She’s also studying to become a child life specialist to help kids who are going through difficult situations and help brighten their day!  

Because of this experience, she participated in Starlight's Design-A-Gown contest. She submitted some fun, light-hearted designs in hopes to enhance the hospital experience for hospitalized kids. 

Hannah and her family

Hannah's Hawaiian shirt design is a symbol of 'good vibes and brighter days' and inspired by a trip she took to Hawaii when she was younger. 

"I usually wore a T-shirt I brought from home instead of a hospital gown," Hannah continues. "It's so important to still feel like 'you' while you're in the hospital and expressing yourself with what you wear."  

Hannah's pineapple gown

Hannah is one of three finalist designs that could become the next Starlight Gown, which would be distributed to hospitalized kids across the United States!  

Want to help Starlight deliver happiness to more kids? A donation of $35 can provide a colorful and comfortable hospital gown to a seriously ill child at one of the 800+ hospitals Starlight partners with across the United States. 

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