Normalcy Through Starlight Education

A child that is dealing with any type of illness or injury often experiences disruptions to their daily routine and misses out on normal activities like going to school, hanging out with friends, or participating in extracurriculars. Everything that feels comfortable and familiar can feel out of reach.  

While Starlight can’t change a child’s diagnosis, we can provide resources that give kids the chance to experience “normal” activities, like the opportunity to grow and learn through Starlight Education. One primary function of this new program is Starlight Online STEAM Coaching, which enables parents to sign up their children and register for specific classes they are interested in — all at no cost!

Consider a child who has been out of school and is missing their favorite music class. They can sign up for STEAM Coaching and be paired with a coach to start online music lessons! While this may seem like an “extra” for some, it can truly be a saving grace for children that are missing out on their day-to-day lives. Participation in their favorite extracurriculars helps kids regain a sense of familiarity and enjoy what makes them happy.

But why is this so important?

Happy kids heal faster. In addition to receiving quality medical care, a child’s emotional and mental health has a significant effect on recovery — feeling anxious, lonely, and afraid of medical treatment takes a toll on a child’s wellbeing. By giving kids access to programs that let them focus on what makes them happy, their heightened stress and anxiety levels begin to decrease.

Online STEAM Coaching gives sick kids the opportunity to learn, diverts their attention away from their treatment or diagnosis, and brings their focus to activities that excite and inspire them.

Are you ready to help improve a seriously ill child’s well-being with programs like Starlight Education?

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