Our Newest Gowns are More than Meets the Eye

Since 2016, Starlight Gowns have been improving the hospital experience for pediatric patients, with all the features kids and their caregivers have come to love: 

  • High-quality, breathable fabric 

  • Closed in the back with ties down the side for more privacy balanced with easy access for medical procedures 

  • Plastic snaps that can go through MRI machines – no need to change into a different gown just for testing 

  • Pockets! 

  • Fun and engaging designs that give kids a moment of choice and empowerment in an otherwise stressful situation 

As we look at ways to continue to improve our programs, a key need of hospitalized kids is engagement. 

Time spent in a hospital can be lonely and boring – and with Covid restrictions still in place, more isolated than ever. 

Simple ways to combine our programs with technology can make all the difference: that’s why we added QR codes to our Starlight hospital gowns! 

That might sound strange at first, but the codes on our latest collection of Starlight Gowns, specially approved by our Starlight Certified Child Life Specialist, lead to some very fun, special games.

Anatomy Gown

QRCodeGowns_Anatomy Gown_BlogImage

Kids can learn about their bodies with this bright and scientific Starlight Gown – accompanied by an interactive version of the body where they can learn about the different organs featured on the gown.

Search & Find Gown


Who wouldn’t love a search and find featuring Starlight’s colorful and playful icons? The QR code leads to a boredom-busting take on this popular activity.

Universe Gown


Take a deep breath and experience the wonders of the universe with this calming gown. A simple mindfulness activity accompanies it to connect kids to the soothing power of their breath.

$35 helps deliver one Starlight Gown to a seriously ill kid. Will you give today?

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