Q&A with Zain Habboo, Starlight Board Member and GivingTuesday Trailblazer

This Giving Tuesday – December 3 – you can double your impact and Give Happiness to Starlight kids. But why choose Starlight? And how can Giving Tuesday continue year-round? We went straight to the source and spoke with Zain Habboo, a member of Starlight's Board of Directors and pioneer for GivingTuesday, to get her perspective on the #GivingTuesday movement and what makes Starlight so special. 

What makes Starlight different from other organizations people could give to?

What I love about Starlight is the tight focus on HAPPINESS. Whether it's hospital visits, working with Disney to come up with incredible ways to make the hospital experience a better and "happier" one, or finding ways to work with influencers to use their gaming platforms for good, Starlight keeps its eye on how to have a positive and
tangible impact on children's lives during difficult times using creative concepts.

What do you personally see as Starlight’s biggest impact?

I see Starlight as the go-to partner to make things happen to make kids HAPPY. It can be difficult to measure but it has a huge impact and Starlight stays laser focused on putting smiles on children’s faces.  

Why should someone donate to Starlight on Giving Tuesday?  

There is a major impact on children and their families when they’re faced with serious illness – so this Giving Tuesday I plan on doing my part with Starlight to put smiles on their faces and you should, too!

What can we learn from GivingTuesday about keeping the spirit of generosity alive year-round? 

Giving Tuesday falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, right on the heels of some of our most consumer-driven days – Black Friday and Cyber Monday – so it feels like a breath of fresh air to be able to give back instead of simply spending. That said, we've seen social media platforms taking on concepts like "donate your birthday" and so many other creative and contagious ways to give throughout the year. GivingTuesday fully believes in the idea of generosity being contagious and believes EVERY Tuesday should be Giving Tuesday! Remember that generosity is not only "transactional" and that we can give in SO many ways: give time, make connections, volunteer, send letters to those in need. The options are endless and if we carve out time throughout the year to spread generosity, we're all better for it!  

A special thank you to Zain for being a trailblazer for Giving Tuesday and seriously ill

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