Reasons to Give Monthly: Shining Stars

Donating to Starlight is a great way to support our mission to deliver happiness to seriously ill kids. Still, it’s so easy to make your impact even greater by giving monthly and becoming a Shining Star!

As a Shining Star, you are part of a passionate group of monthly givers who want to shine even brighter with Starlight. Your monthly gifts make a world of difference to hospitalized children, allowing us to focus on delivering immediate and tangible benefits to kids and families, helping them to feel better and heal faster. You aren’t just donating to Starlight—you are personally lighting the way for seriously ill kids to experience joy and happiness.

There are so many reasons to become a Shining Star:

  • Shine brighter, all year long! Your monthly gift ensures that Starlight has the support we need to help even more kids through our signature programs, like Gaming, Virtual Reality, Hospital Wear, and Deliveries. You’ll even receive a special Shining Stars pin you can proudly wear to show your support!

  • Feel confident that your gift is directly impacting hospitalized kids. Shining Stars receive quarterly emails that feature heartwarming stories about the kids and families we help, announcements about exciting program placements, and more.

  • Support Starlight your way. An automatic monthly gift gives you the flexibility you need while making a huge impact. You can even help kids in your community by using your gifts to fund a local program placement. Check out how Shining Star Kathleen used her gifts to bring a Nintendo Gaming station to her local hospital!

  • Make a difference with every dollar. A monthly gift of just $15 can help provide15 hospitalized kids with an hour of gameplay on one of our custom-built Starlight Nintendo Gaming stations. That’s 180 kids impacted in just one year!

A monthly gift of any amount adds up to make a big impact:

Starlight Kid + VR headset

$10 provides 10 hours of virtual reality for 10 seriously ill kids.

Give $10
Two boys playing Gaming console

$15 provides an hour of game play to 15 seriously ill kids.

Give $15
Finn, age 5

$35 provides a comfy and colorful hospital gown for a seriously ill kid.

Give $35

Being a Shining Star means going above and beyond to deliver happiness to seriously ill kids. To be a key part of our mission and show your support in a big way, become a Shining Star today, or learn more about how you can change a hospitalized child’s life with a monthly gift!

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