Salesforce B2B Team Awarded Starlight's Excellence in Innovation

As Starlight celebrates our 40th anniversary, we want to turn the spotlight on the incredible partners, hospitals, and individuals we work with every day to fulfill our mission – delivering happiness to seriously ill kids and their families. 

In 2013, we launched the Starlight Hub - the heart of Starlight’s program distribution. This would not have been possible without the Salesforce B2B Team, which is why Starlight is awarding them the Excellence in Innovation Award.  

The Starlight Hub is an online platform that allows our network of 800+ hospitals to create a profile, log-in, and request Starlight programs at no cost to them. The team at Salesforce Business has worked tirelessly to help us deliver the best possible experience to our hospital partners, bringing their skills and creativity to the challenge of adapting a sales platform to facilitate free program distribution.  

Are you looking to become a Starlight Hospital Partner?
Starlight Hub

For the past 40 years, Starlight has worked to elevate how we serve our hospital partners to make a larger impact on their patients – and this is exactly what the Starlight Hub has allowed us to do. Every day, hospitals are logging in to access the resources they need, and they couldn’t do that without our friends at Salesforce!   

Join us in celebrating 40 years of delivering happiness — give $40 to transform the lives of hospitalized kids and receive a limited-edition anniversary pin!

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