Spring Stream For Starlight Success

Gamers and content creators came together for Starlight Children's Foundation, raising $164,753 in just 22 days during Starlight’s first 2021 Stream For Starlight campaign.

From March 10 (Mario Day) through March 30, over 340 virtual events—from classic Nintendo games to the latest in virtual reality experiences, from dad jokes to thoughtful conversations—were held to benefit Starlight.

And behind the scenes, we were hard at work delivering more than 30 Starlight Nintendo Switch Gaming stations to hospitals all across the United States.

Check out some of our favorite moments from the March madness!

Thank you all for joining us! We truly couldn’t do this without you.

With more than 30 streamers on March 10, we surpassed our original goal of $50,000 on day one!

Throughout the month, we were truly lucky to see so many viewers and streamers resonate with our mission.

“Growing up in hospitals and with a lot of medical trauma, having any way to escape the situation even for a little while would have helped so much,” said viewer Bumblebeeny.

"I never imagined I would potentially be helping raise funds for something I got to enjoy myself when I was ill. Getting a chance to play some games for a while was one the few nice things I experienced while staying in hospitals. The thought of being able to help give someone else that same happiness truly brings me joy," said streamer Tristan_The_Dinosaur.

From playing hours of Nintendo games to celebrating thousands of donations, we are so grateful for everyone who participated!

Top Team Fundraiser: Wild Abandon - $74,609

DiffuseMoose, team leader of Wild Abandon, had just raised over $8,000. Their team would go on to raise over $74,600!

Top Individual Fundraiser: Mitchflowerpower - $11,508

Mitchflowerpower shares the heartfelt reason for why he supports Starlight.

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