Starlight Gaming Champion: 16-Year-Old Artie

When it comes to video games, Artie says he’s unbeatable. 

To begin with, the 16-year-old is the reigning champion of his family. How he achieved his victories is the impressive part. As a patient at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, Artie beat his family playing on our Starlight Gaming console while in a hospital bed with casts on his two broken arms.  

“It was great to have the [Starlight Gaming] Wii U because I could play with my family and it cheered me up to see their faces when they lost to someone who has their arm stuck in a 90-degree position,” said Artie. “It just really helped to take my mind off of things.”  

Facing a Serious Illness 

Artie’s hospitalizations are for a condition called osteogenesis imperfecta (OI). This means his bones break very easily. His parents knew something was wrong when he was one and a half years old and got a spiral fracture on his left tibia after he lost his balance opening a dresser draw. Then, just a few months later, jumping on the couch with his dog caused a spiral fracture to his femur. Since being diagnosed at two years old, he’s had six major surgeries.  

The family is thankful his condition is considered mild. Although he can’t play any contact sports or roughhouse with his little brother, this hasn’t stopped him from living a full and exciting life. 

“He’s been on skateboards, he enjoys skiing, zip-lining, hiking, indoor rock-climbing,” said Jeanine, Artie’s mom. “He has really cool interests, like performing magic tricks, professional style yoyoing and he is stellar at playing video games.” 

Having Happiness Delivered 

Artie enjoys playing Mario Kart and competing with his family, but says it’s about more than having fun. 

“Mentally, when I was playing those games in the hospital, it made me a lot happier than just sitting, staring at the blank walls,” Artie said. “I would say it played a pretty big role in my healing.” 

One of the most loved features of all of our Starlight Gaming consoles is that the whole family can enjoy the experience. It’s completely mobile so it can roll anywhere in the hospital. For parents, it allows some respite during long hospital stays. 

“The gaming console saved us because we were in the hospital for so long,” Jeanine said. 

Give happiness this holiday season and donate today to help deliver our newest Starlight Gaming console to children at hospitals across the US.

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