Starlight Streamer TheHotdish Shares Her Love of Gaming!

Over the past few years, TheHotdish has grown a comfortable and compassionate community on Twitch. When she’s not swooning over Jeff Goldblum or co-running the 8-Bit Community, you can find her playing her favorite video games like Minecraft. 

For her, streaming is a family affair. Her husband, Minnesota_Toz, joined Stream For Starlight (S4S) in 2019 as part of Team Bone-In. He had such a great time that S4S 2020 was a natural fit for TheHotdish!  

She especially resonated with Starlight’s mission of delivering happiness because, regardless of the sophistication of the illness or injury, a sick kid is still a kid.

“There are so many charities out there that focus on the ‘big cure’, but so few shine any light on improving the quality-of-life aspect,” she said.  

TheHotdish joined S4S with an original goal of $1,000. Her community knocked it out of the park, raising $10,000 and ultimately funding two Starlight Gaming stations!

Check out her sweet reaction to raising over $6,000. 

These Gaming stations are already making a difference for hospitalized kids at Lakeview Hospital in Stillwater, Minnesota! 

“I grew up in Stillwater, and that was our go-to hospital growing up. It was such a great feeling to be able to have this opportunity to give back,” she said. 

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They will provide hours of fun and distraction playing Nintendo video games and streaming movies and TV shows. She knows how important little moments of happiness like this can be.

“It was only after I had started my campaign that I was approached by a parent of a child who'd been able to use one of the Gaming stations. They really opened my eyes to how these stations help the parents as well! It gives them a break and just a moment of relief to know that their child is entertained and distracted,” she said.

Manufactured to meet strict infection safety protocols and roll anywhere in the hospital, health care professionals can use Starlight Gaming stations in the ER, a playroom, a treatment room, and even bedside for a patient in isolation.

Thank you, TheHotdish and your community!

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