Stream for Starlight's 12 Days of Prizing!

Fa-la-la-la-la it’s the best time of year! A time for presents and good cheer.

For Starlight’s 12 Day’s of Streaming this year, we are giving away 12 days of incredible prizes handmade by Starlight streamers!

Want a chance to win a prize and bring holiday happiness to kids? Sign up to stream even just one day and you’ll be eligible! Plus you’ll be fundraising to deliver gaming, toys, crafts, books and other crucial items directly to over 800 children’s hospitals across the US.

From clothing to keychains to crocheted goodies, read on to discover what gift could await you.

Dec. 1 – Hoodie from scooterbabe and Panda Bunny Studios

ScooterBabe Hoodie 2021

We’re kicking off this campaign by cracking open a can of positive vibes. When you help us launch 12 Days of Streaming, you’ll have the chance to win this cozy hoodie from scooterbabe and Panda Bunny Studios

Dec. 2 – Face Masks from Calamity__Cat 

Calamity_Cat Face Mask

Ditch those paper face masks! You'll proudly want to wear this ninja-style face mask plus an original Starlight facemask from Calamity__Cat. Each fabric mask comes with adjustable straps and is a fashionable way to show your Starlight support. 

Dec. 3 – Crochet Dice Bag from NinePointFive 

Put your DND dice or collector item inside one of these beautiful dice bags. You’ll receive a medium and a large one, handmade with love from NinePointFive.

Dec. 4 - Gift card from Quiltoni

Quiltoni Mug

Patterns, fabric, and quilts, oh my! You have a chance at winning a generous $75 gift card to plus this pictured mug. We can’t wait to see what you’ll buy! 

 Dec. 5 - Squeaky Blanket from kLynn113

kLynn113 Squeaky Blanket

Winter is among us, so you can get cozy with this hypoallergenic fleece blanket from kLynn113. How amazing is this Squeaky Blanket and matching Squeaky Sticker?

Dec. 6 - Darling Crochet Star by AdrianaTeex3

Crochet Star by AdrianaTeex3

Because YOU are a star. You’ll have the chance to win this adorable star plushie plus a boba sticker from AdrianaTeex3.

Dec. 7 - Dragon Egg from sasaki_woodworks

Dragon Eggs by sasaki_woodworks

IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL! You could win a faux burl resin dragon egg! Each egg from sasaki_woodworks is made using the ethereal dust pigments and is totally unique just like you. 

Dec. 8 - Keychains & stickers fom PlushUnagi

PlushUnagi Keychain

Check out glitter stickers and keychains galore from PlushUnagi. Your keys and water bottle will thank you. 

Dec. 9 - BBQ Rub from chefsteve330

Chefsteve330 says his BBQ Rub tastes delicious on ANYTHING. We believe him. Your mouth will be watering if you get your hands on this BBQ rub plus Starlight hoodie.

Dec. 10 - Bag from fiercekittenz

FierceKittens bag

Enter the perfect bag for the movies or just about anywhere from fiercekittenz! This bag comes with waterproof canvas material for the interior and contrasting yellow vinyl exterior. The straps have a 10” drop and are perfect in the crook of your arm.

Dec. 11 - Clothing from Felicity

Shirt from Felicity and Head Tomatoes

We know Starlight streamers are shrimply the best, so what better way to show it than this comfy t-shirt. You’ll be the coolest kid with these two punny t-shirts from Felicity and Head Tomatoes.  

Dec. 12 - Jacket from zja2damax

zja2damax Jacket

Help us finish strong for the seriously ill kids we serve and get the chance to win this beautiful hand-crafted jacket. This limited edition, Night Fall: Resistance jacket from zja2damax is water resistant and has a loose fit.  

If you like what you see, you don’t have to wait to win the prizes, you can purchase one from the small shops and the artisans will do a happy dance! 

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