The Impact of Starlight Programs During Coronavirus

Earlier this year, we shared how we are continuing to deliver happiness during COVID-19. As we continue to face the coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to provide an update on how our programs are touching hospital partners across the country. 

For more than 35 years, Starlight Children’s Foundation has lived by one simple but important mission—delivering happiness to seriously ill kids. Right now, COVID-19 cases are rising in states including Texas, Florida, and Arizona, filling hospital beds and intensive care units with adult patients. At the same time, there are thousands of seriously ill kids in the hospital, more isolated and more scared than ever.  

Frequent hospital visits and long stays can be scary enough on their own. Now, there are new factors as a result of COVID-19 that kids have to face while seeking treatment. Friendly hospital staff are covered in personal protective equipment, adults are being admitted to children’s wards and hospitals, and visitations are limited or even completely banned to maintain social distancing.  

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With hospital playrooms closed and siblings and friends unable to visit, hospitalized kids feel more isolated than ever. Hospital staff are finding Starlight programs a great way to provide entertainment, fun, and much-needed distraction during this difficult time. Starlight Gaming stations, in particular, have been in demand. Our partners have found that they are bringing kids joy during these times. 

“We have had to close down our playrooms and take the fun to patients’ rooms,” said Jennifer, Program Manager, Child Life Services at University Hospital in San Antonio. “The Gaming stations are truly heaven sent and we don’t have enough to go around for the floor!” 

A Starlight Gaming station
The Starlight gaming station
Details of the Starlight Gaming station
Starlight Gaming console
Two girls in the hospital playing with a Starlight Gaming Station

Starlight Gaming stations are specially manufactured to meet strict infection safety protocols and roll anywhere in the hospital, meaning multiple kids can have the chance to safely play their favorite Nintendo video games or stream movies and TV shows through Netflix and Hulu. One Gaming station can provide hours of fun and distraction, right from the comfort of a child’s own hospital bed.  

Starlight is here for hospitalized kids, and we ask that you show your steadfast support for our youngest patients who are more isolated and scared now more than ever.  

Help us bring more Starlight Gaming stations to hospitals who need them the most. Just $15 can provide an hour of play. 
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