Under the Sea with Starlight Virtual Reality

Stepping into the hospital, even for a minor procedure like getting a shot, can be jarring. Among unfamiliar settings, kids may have a hard time feeling comfortable or understanding what's happening.

That's where Starlight programs like Virtual Reality come in—helping the hospital to feel fun and familiar!

Starlight VR is a state-of-the-art technology program that delivers happiness to seriously ill kids through a variety of 20+ pre-loaded, curated games, apps, and other experiences.

Starlight VR helps distract kids during difficult medical procedures and encourages them to relax and laugh. It can transport patients outside of the hospital and into new cities, outer space, or even underwater.

Starlight Kid Harlow used VR during an especially loud procedure. Harlow broke her wrist during gymnastics. She was excited to get her cast off finally, but the saw used to remove casts is very loud and unsettling.

Harlow was a little scared, so Miller Children's Hospital in Long Beach, California, was ready to entertain and distract her with Starlight VR. As she sat in the hospital getting her cast removed, Harlow took a trip underwater to visit a few of her favorite animals!

"Here's Harlow watching the dolphins as she gets her cast removed. Such a cool tool to use to distract the kiddos! Thanks, Starlight!" said Brynn, Harlow's mom.

Being immersed in a new, virtual environment distracts kids from time-consuming procedures and lets them explore somewhere else. It helps normalize the hospital environment, providing pain management, emotional support, procedural support, and more.

Starlight VR is the first general use VR program for hospitals that includes a customized, thoroughly wipeable, and wireless hospital-ready headset with content that allows patients with limited mobility to sit up or lay down and control their experience using a remote or only their head.

Just $10 can provide 10 hours of virtual reality for a seriously ill kid like Harlow.
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