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What is Stream For Starlight?

During Childhood Cancer Awareness month in September, we’re hosting our first-ever Stream For Starlight fundraising event on Tiltify. 

What does this mean? It means when you play, seriously ill kids win. 

Sign up on Tiltify, get people to sponsor you, and then live stream the game of your choice (teen and under, please — we are a children’s foundation!) to raise donations that will provide gaming consoles to hospitalized children. You get to raise money doing something you love and critically ill kids get to game. Talk about a win-win. 

Our history with gaming is deep. Back in 1992, we created the first-ever Starlight Gaming console fully customized to deliver happiness to seriously ill children, and the Starlight Fun Center® program was born! Starlight Gaming provides hospitalized kids with hours of fun and distraction through their favorite video games and streaming movies and TV shows right from the comfort of their hospital bed or in a playroom with a group of other kids. Fast forward to 2019, and more than 11 million hospitalized kids have enjoyed playing their favorite video games thanks to Starlight. 

  “The Starlight Fun Center unit has had a tremendous impact on our patients, and when they have a chance to use the unit, it makes them so happy. It’s been so helpful for us. Even the patients as young as three years old can benefit, so there’s something in it for everyone.” 

— Sister T. Denis, St. Mary Medical Center 

Be sure to visit to sign up for Stream For Starlight today and help Starlight deliver happiness to seriously ill kids and their families! 

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