Stream For Starlight Ambassadors

Applications for the Stream Class of 2024-2025 are now CLOSED.

Stream Ambassadors are the very best of what it means to be a Stream For Starlight broadcaster. Each year we choose a new class to represent the wide variety of content creators who participate and support us!

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Stream Ambassador Class of 2023-24

  1. Amish Ace Headshot


    Dad, husband, Star Wars fanatic, Pokemon fan, and LEGO enthusiast. Amish_Ace is a Twitch Partner and builds LEGO and plays variety games on stream!

  2. blklight Headshot


    blklght is a project led by Varun Venugopalan, a US born Indian American, with the aim of pushing what it means to be a dance music DJ/Producer in today's world.

  3. CBusRockstar Headshot


    CbusRockstar is a Variety Video Game Streamer with an open and growing Twitch community. He loves music, video games, and making his chat smile!

  4. DinomiteTwins Headshot


    Ali & Lexi are identical twins. Their IRL streams of NYC and their travels include dancing, biking, and trying new foods. They're experts in laughing and playing with their cats.

  5. GeronimoKiddo Headshot


    GeronimoKiddo is a little brown bat vtuber, streams a variety of games for all ages, and sometimes her family streams with her. Her community lovingly calls her "Mama Bat."

  6. NinePointFive Headshot


    Nine is a Twitch Partner, bringer of wholesome chaos, total fiber arts nerd, and a mom of three who enjoys crafting, supporting charity, and shenanigans with her amazing community.

  7. PolyChromaticZebra Headshot


    Meet Celeste/Lance. She's 38 and a genderfluid Trans MtF. They've been a streamer periodically for almost 20 years! She enjoys meeting people and making people smile and feel valid.

  8. Roro Headshot


    Roro, Twitch Broadcaster and leader of Panda Network, is a Filipino-American with a very health obsession of pandas. She loves long walks on the beach and short walks to the kitchen.

  9. Smirky Headshot


    Smirky is a Twitch Partner and an LGBTQIA+ variety gaming streamer specializing in "Toontown." He has raised $90,000+ for various charities and uses his platform to show that Gaming Does Good!

  10. sstuds Headshot


    sstuds is a NY-based VALORANT/variety streamer who loves to host community games and meet new people! She loves to travel, play volleyball and spend time with her dog and bunny.