Quick Start Guide: Streaming for Starlight

There are many different ways that you can turn your live-stream into a fundraiser! 

Need more resources for your stream? Check out the S4S Resources.

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Choose your fundraising platform!

Set up a Tiltify Campaign

Set up a Streamlabs Fundraiser

  • If you already use Streamlabs OBS, this is an easy way to go! Visit Starlight’s Charity page.

  • Click fundraise and create an account to get started.

  • Once you’ve filled out your fundraiser page, head to your Streamlabs dashboard and link your Streamlabs Charity Account. Check out How to Start a Livestream for Charity from Streamlabs.

Set up a YouTube Giving Fundraiser

  • If you meet eligibility requirements, you can add a YouTube Giving donate button to your videos or live streams.

  • Sign in to YouTube Studio and on the left menu, select Monetization > Giving

  • Select Starlight Children’s Foundation and follow the steps until you hit Publish! For more help and to see if you’re eligible for this button, check out YouTube Giving FAQ’s.

Set up your stream with Twitch's Charity Tool

  • Check out Twitch's new fundraising feature here.

  • Select "Start Fundraiser" in the Charity section of your Creator Dashboard and choose "Starlight Children's Foundation."

  • Unsure how to get started? Check out the Twitch Charity Tool FAQ.

Additional fundraising tips & tricks can be found in the Starlight Discord!