Quick start guide to streaming on Tiltify

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Set Up Your Tiltify Campaign in 9 Steps

  1. Log in/sign up through Starlight’s Starlight's Tiltify page You can also log in or create a Tiltify account on their homepage and click “Get Started,”. Choose your Cause: search for Starlight and select “Starlight Children’s Foundation.” (You will see Starlight Children’s Foundation and Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia in the list — we are simply Starlight Children’s Foundation.)

  2. Scroll down the page and click the event you would like to stream for under "Current Fundraising Events", then click "Register"

  3. Select your campaign type.

  4. Follow the prompts to fill in your campaign details, such as start date and goal.

  5. Fill in any additional details you want to add and hit “Publish”.

  6. Make a plan for how you will spread the word to your community. A couple tips: From your campaign dashboard, you can find and copy your campaign URL for sharing and your donate button if you want to put that on Twitch. The more you fill out your campaign, such as by adding Incentives and Milestones, the more fun you and your supporters will have—and the more funds you will raise!

  7. Stream on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, or Facebook.

  8. Share your progress with your supporters and followers.

  9. Have a great time!

Ready to start streaming?

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Go to Starlight Children's Foundation Tiltify page
Select your Starlight fundraising event to stream for
Click Register on the event page you want to stream for
Tiltify account

Support Your Favorite Streamer

Donating to a streamer’s campaign is an awesome way to be involved in Stream For Starlight! Each campaign gets its own URL — you may see it in content your favorite streamer shares out.

You can also search for a campaign:

  • Check out the leaderboard on Stream For Starlight’s campaign page


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