Starlight Ambassadors

It’s the little moments like surprise toy deliveries or the big moments like riding through the halls in a Starlight Radio Flyer Hero Wagon that aid the well-being and happiness of hospitalized kids. No one knows that better than our Starlight Ambassadors who have felt the joy Starlight programs give.

Representing the 2.4 million children impacted by Starlight programs, meet our 2023 Ambassadors.

2023 Starlight Ambassadors

  1. Starlight Kid Grace


    Grace is an outgoing 11-year-old, who was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2021. Because she was diagnosed during the surge of COVID, she was often lonely and isolated, but Starlight Toy Deliveries and Virtual Reality helped keep her busy.

  2. Starlight Kid Josie


    Josie is a caring 17-year-old living with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, her bones are very brittle and break easily, causing her to have many surgeries and hospital stays where she found comfort in Starlight Hospital Gowns and entertainment through Starlight Gaming.

  3. Starlight Kid Ambassador Olivianna


    Olivianna is a happy 5-year-old, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 6 months old. As a result of surgery, Olivianna also lives with epilepsy and visual impairment. She loves the comfort that Starlight Gowns and Starlight Radio Flyer Hero Wagons bring to her hospitalizations.

  4. Starlight Kid Ambassador Paul


    Paul is a sweet 3-year-old who was diagnosed with asthma at 17 months old. His diagnosis came after being hospitalized countless times and needing to be put on 24/7 oxygen. During these hospital stays, Starlight Toy Deliveries were there to bring him moments of joy.

Want to become a Starlight Family?

We are honored to share the stories of courageous families that have been impacted by Starlight programs. If you or a loved one have a child who knows the happiness our programs can bring, we encourage you to share your experience as a Starlight Family.